using space six

using space is a zine about squats, social centres and alternative ways of living.

this is issue six, produced january 2o12.

previous issues are also hosted here apart from five, which was too large, but it's hosted at other places, including northern indymedia uk


* Facing Up to Mike Weatherley's Fearsome Gauntlet
* A Secret History of the City
* The CoolTan Arts Centre
* Watching the value of property melt away - Squatting in the U$A
* The Sacred Law of Private Property
* Informal Update on the Situation in Seattle
* The Story of Sabotaj
* Squat weblinks


* 32 pages including cover
* photocopied, burgundy and white (i used dark red instead of black ink)


* this is an A4 pdf to be printed as a "brochure" to A5 format
* please use recycled paper if possible

using-space-six-0-1.pdf Download pdf